Production for Small Planet

Murmansk, Moscow.

Murmansk, Moscow. "Arctic" documentary production.

Russian part of the Small Planet documentary on Arctic energy resources exploration. AVProductions filmed interviews in Moscow (including the one with Arthur Chilingarov, the head of Arctic-2007 expedition), produced and fixed filming in Murmansk (including filming at nuclear icebreaker «Rossija»). Have to say, that production was quite a complicated one - filming in Murmansk requires all kinds of permissions from FSB, border-control and Interior Ministry.

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Moscow, St. Petersburg:

Moscow, St. Petersburg: "Neo-Nazi" documentary

Second film fixed and co-produced for Small Planet. Neo-nazis are great and rising threat in Russia with dozens racial murders in 2008 only. The 1 hour long documentary is devoted to neo-nazism in Russia. The crew filmed training and ceremonial gathering of skinheads and followers of the so-called Slavic Union, openly fascist and aggressive organization, outside Moscow, DPNI and other neo-nazi groups, interviews with relatives of racial hatred victims, human rights activists and others.

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